The Class Experience

For any of you who are on the fence about taking one of my chairmaking classes, I have added a page (click here) to the class web pages with comments from some of my students. I recognize that taking a class like this can be a huge investment in tuition, lodging, and travel, not to mention time. I also know that other than Brian’s recommendation I am not a well known woodworker, so hearing about other people’s experiences may be helpful in deciding if one of my classes is right for you.

John Zicker traveled from the west coast to take the rocking chair class with me this past October. He had taken a side chair class with Brian about ten years ago and since then has dreamed of building one of his rockers but was never able to make it to one of Brian’s classes. John had this to say in a note to Brian after the class:

On your recommendation I took a class to build a rocking chair from Jeff last week. You couldn’t have selected a better person to teach people how to build a rocking chair of your design. Jeff not only instructed me in the construction of your chair but in the finer points of woodworking that resulted in the best woodworking project I have ever done.

Read more about John’s experience, along with comments from other students, on The Class Experience page.


Jeff Lefkowitz