Boggs Side Chair Build Archive Page

With the number of Side Chair Build blog posts increasing I know it’s getting harder for readers to find their way around the series, or even have a good idea of the full scope of information available in the posts. To remedy this I’ve added an archive page that lists the title of each post followed by a brief description, and of course links directly to each post. The list, in chronological order, is also generally the same order I would build the chair. I want the information in this build series to be as accessible as possible, so having all this information organized and on a single page should make it easier for you to find what you’re looking for. And every time I add a post I will also add it to the archive list. You can access the archive page from any page on the site from the “Blog” menu and clicking on “Side Chair Build Archive” or by choosing “Boggs Side Chair Build Archive” from the sidebar menu of any blog post.

Jeff Lefkowitz