This is an Advanced Class

An heirloom chair where beautiful curves and fine details go hand-in-hand with extraordinary comfort

Building the 6-slat rocking chair is the ultimate achievement for woodworking fans of Brian Boggs. Beautiful and comfortable, it’s a chair you’ll want to sit in every day. And, it’s a chair you’ll want to pass down to your children.

This six day class will take you, step-by-step, through the process of hand crafting a Brian Boggs designed Rocking Chair. Because class size is limited to two students, you get personalized instruction and can work at your own pace. Every process is broken down into small, manageable steps so that you can concentrate on mastering one task at a time before moving onto the next. Whenever a new process is introduced, especially for hand shaping, you are given the opportunity to practice on spare material before working on your actual chair part. In addition to showing you how, I always explain why, so that you will understand underlying concepts and how each step fits into the big picture.

In this advanced class you’ll build on the skills you acquired in the introductory class. Because of the complexity of this chair the rear legs and slats are steam bent and most parts are rough milled prior to your arrival (these tasks are described in detail in the manual if you want to build this chair in your own shop). This allows you to spend all of your time working on the many parts of this chair — shaping the curved rear legs and slats, mortising for slats and rungs, shaping the arms and runners, assembly with hide glue, and installing and balancing the runners.


Learn how to

  • Hand shape curved and straight parts using a drawknife, spokeshave and scraper
  • Prep and turn the front legs
  • Shape and install the arms
  • Work with angles and curved parts
  • Use moisture content and grain orientation to make a long-lasting joint
  • Assemble using hide glue
  • Sharpen chairmaking tools

Review how to

  • Select lumber and mill parts for chairmaking
  • Steam bend the rear legs and slats


Fully illustrated manual

The class includes an 80+ page, fully illustrated manual that documents the process for building your chair from beginning to end. It serves as a step-by-step reminder of the steps taught in class. Because the manual is so complete it minimizes or eliminates the need for you to take notes. This allows you to spend all your class time learning new techniques and working on your chair.


seat weaving and Jigs

Because this chair is so complex there will not be time to weave the seat or build any jigs in the normal six day class. An optional extra day can be added if you would like to weave the seat in class. The manual includes detailed drawings of every jig and you can copy templates for the bending form, slats, arms, and runners. That, in combination with the step-by-step instructions in the manual, will give you a huge head start when you begin to make that next chair in your own shop.


The Class Experience




Although the manual should provide you with all the information you need to make this chair in your own shop I am also available, via e-mail, to answer questions as they come up.


Located in the Shenandoah Valley

All classes take place in my shop about 5 miles from Strasburg, Virginia, a small town located in the Shenandoah Valley about 75 miles west of Washington, DC. It is close to the intersection of I-81 and I-66 so it is easy to get to.



  • To ask questions or register for a class call 540-409-7680 or click here to contact me via e-mail
  • You can see the 2015 Chair Class Schedule here.
  • Class fee: $1,750. Includes 6 days of instruction, chair and seat materials, and fully illustrated manual.
  • Optional: Extra day to weave the seat: $200
  • Class size: Maximum of 2 students
  • Prerequisite: Post & Rung Side Chair Class, Arm Chair Class, class taught by Brian in the past, or equivalent experience
  • Deposit: A $200 deposit is required to reserve a class spot